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Linda Cuvo

I can’t thank you enough for bringing my Sonny through today. You are blessed with a wonderful gift that you share with people who are grieving loved ones. My heart is so much lighter after our reading. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love ya. ❤🙏😇

Carolyn Snyder

Matt does all his readings with a great openness and compassion. He truly cares about those he reads for. I have had several readings by him individually and as part of a group and he is always accurate. A very healing experience!


I’ve suffered greatly with grief since I lost 3 of my loved ones last year. I’ve really been quite a mess. I’ve had 3 sessions with him and attended 2 group readings. I honestly find it therapeutic. Matt is so personable, light hearted, and straight forward. I think everyone needs a Matt in their life.

Paula Oskam

It is truly a blessing to meet someone who possesses such an amazing gift, let alone someone with an enormous heart, a golden personality blessed with the ability to bring peace and understanding from loved ones who have passed. There is no doubt in my mind that Matthew and his incredible gift has allowed me to rest assured that my son and my loved ones who have gone before me are most certainly with me, always. Matthew knew things that nobody could possibly know. He shared things that I’ve never spoken to anyone, and our reading was literally life-changing. For anyone seeking his services-don’t wait, he is the real deal, and blessed and gifted in a way that will most certainly bring you joy and healing.

Bradley Wilson

Simply incredible! You literally can’t make this stuff up! Matthew is the real deal through and through!

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