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Melissa Rogers

What a unforgettable experience. He was relating messages that only I and my loved one’s would’ve knew about……blew my mind! Wasn’t sure what to expect going in but he’s the real deal! Thank you again Matt!

Amy Hoppe

I went to one of Matt’s group readings at Ashley’s restaurant in February and was so moved by the experience that I booked a private reading with my husband. Our reading was literally life-changing! Matt told us things about our loved ones that in some cases, we did not even know until we asked relatives after the reading. He was spot on with life situations and occurrences. We even heard from our recently departed and deeply missed family dog, which was more comforting than we ever could have imagined! The comfort and peace we gained from the reading with Matt was unparalleled to any therapy or experiences I’ve had. I plan on having a small group reading at my home with my closest friends for my birthday in October and seeing him again at one of his group readings this summer. Whether you are a skeptic, just want to do it for fun to see what it’s all about or are in need of closure, I would highly recommend Matt!

Elaine Shaw

I had the pleasure of being in a group reading today while Matt was visiting here in Michigan it was such an amazing time and the messages I heard I needed to hear thank you Matt for the awesome readings <3

Joanna Dooley Coonce

Had a wonderful group reading today in Michigan with Matt, he’s wonderful & amazing. Can’t wait to get a private reading. Safe travels to you & Brad

Stacy Bailey

My friend and I just had the most amazing reading with matt and his doggie phantom! Thanks again for answering questions

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